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How To Install a VPN On Your Router – Easy Setup

Install a VPN on your router that can secure your internet connection and every device connected to it. By doing this you can work with the internet on your smart tv printer and other smart devices safely. It is an intricate task to set up a VPN on router for many users, it requires a little awareness of compatibility and some necessary steps.

We are the technical router support service provider, here we help out people by delivering solutions to them. Our professional experts will help you to install VPN router easily with the help of our support team. You can reach us through live chat, email, or toll-free number at +1-410-896-8780.

What is a VPN Router?

Nowadays, most routers can alter their internet connection through a VPN provider and route the internet from that VPN server location. By installing a VPN on your router you don’t need to get a separate VPN for different devices. Your all smart gadgets can work with a safe internet server. Here we will inform you why it is important to install a VPN on the router.

Why Should You Get a VPN Router?

Here below are some reasons that make it a must-to-get to install VPN router. Some of them are that you will get quality encryption of 256-bit with PPTP protocol.

  • Secure Internet: After the easy setup of a quality VPN on the router, you can access a secure encrypted internet for all of your devices.
  • Access To Various Devices: You can connect your multiple devices with a virtual secure server like smart TV, printer, gaming console, and many others.
  • Single Login & 24/7 Connection: With one-time login on a VPN router can let you access your all devices to it. For a long run-time, you can stay connected to it with the auto-connect option.

What Are The Steps to Install a VPN on your Router?

First, check out the few requirements that are must have to install VPN router:

  • The router which you are using must be able to connect to the VPN. You can ensure this information from the official website of your router or Google. 
  • In case your router does not have the inbuilt option to connect with a VPN, then you need to upgrade a firmware that does it. Some of the firmware are DD-WRT & Tomato, and some routers came with the inbuilt OpenVPN.
  • If it also does not support compatible firmware, then you should get a new router.

Now, let’s get further with the steps that will let you complete the setup of VPN on the router. The whole procedure to Install a VPN on your Router varies with the brand and model of router you got.

Our team of experts will help you by assisting with detailed steps of easy setup according to the type of router. You just have to ask about the trouble whether it is to update the firmware or the instructions for VPN setup on the router. We will offer you tech support with which you can get aware of how to setup VPN on router.

Router Configuration

The very first step is almost similar to most routers, which start with figuring out your router’s IP address. To install a VPN on your router, you have to configure your IP address. On your Windows 10 device, you have to type in the command prompt. Open your IP address on the browser that will take you to the router’s administration tab. 

Afterward, you have to contact our customer support service for getting the router set back to factory defaults. In case you have changed the username and password of your router. By doing this you will get access to the administration function, where you will get the firmware update option.

Download & Install DD-WRT Firmware

Through DD-WRT’s official website look out for your router name there will appear a bin file download it. To install a VPN on your router, thereafter you will get a compatible DDO-WRT, which can run OpenVPN.

To get further you should consider our expert who will guide you by providing the required steps through technical support. Generally home and in small business, you should get the connection of a wide area network with DHCP protocol. You just have to ask our professional experts for getting the required guidelines for setting up a VPN on the router.

Choose the VPN Client

This option allows you to set up advanced settings. Through the VPN tab, you can set up a VPN on the DD-WRT. You are also allowed to set up a third-party VPN that will offer you more features. From there you have to follow on-screen instructions to complete the install a VPN on your router process.

Our team of experts will suggest to you how you can install VPN router. Just ask our team members who will offer you the instant answer to this query. You can receive detailed steps for easy setup of VPN on any type of router.

Check the Connection

From the status tab in the VPN section, you can continue to ensure that you are connected to a VPN. You can browse in what is your IP this will show you the result which must be different from your original IP. 

You have to just contact our experts to get done with all of the after-setup steps. We will also let you know to change its further settings like firewall configuration and others. 


So, we have discussed the steps to install a VPN on your router with the requirements and need to set up. You must ensure the points that we have mentioned above to use a VPN-compatible router. Afterward, follow the given steps to install VPN router. 

Our router customer support service is the most reliable option for fixing your every issue. You can get the detailed instructed verbal support that will let you set up a VPN on the router. Through our helpline number +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or email option you can reach us. Our quick and worthful response makes our service different from others. 

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