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Enhance Netgear Router Performance with Netgear Customer Support

A fast speed of the internet is essential for every one of us and some basic manual changes on the router can make this possible for you. Here are some tactics that can improve Netgear router performance. 

Netgear is one of the quality router products and is commonly used for commercial purposes. Through the router, you can optimize its settings which can simply boost the internet speed. Our remote service for resolving technical issues also offers Netgear customer support, at +1-410-896-8780. Here you can get the required guidelines that will be useful to enhance your wi-fi speed.

How To Improve Netgear Router Performance?

Here are multiple general solutions that you can try for improving your Netgear router’s wi-fi performance:

Change Location Of Router

The position of your Netgear router must be within accessible reach of your laptop or PC. You must ensure that any obstacles do not bother your wi-fi speed like walls or such metallic shields that emit radio waves and interrupt the connection.

Our experts from technical support service will lead you with instructions and suggest the compatible positioning of your Netgear router.

Clear Obstacles

It is another cause that remains unnoticed but affects your overall wi-fi speed through the router. It happens because of electronic gadgets which occupy radio waves under the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. These gadgets are cell phones, microwave ovens, printers, and many others. These things either reflect or absorb the wireless wi-fi signals, which results in weaker wi-fi connection speed. 

Our team of experts can help you by providing remote service of Netgear Customer Support. Here we will let you know more reasons and their solutions that trouble your Netgear router performance.

Type Of Antennae 

It is also a factor that determines the speed and range of speed of your internet. The type of antennae you are using decides your wi-fi range and speed. Omni-Directional antennae are generally used in households for common purposes, which radiate signals horizontally. They don’t work well for upward or downward locations. Directional antennae are known as high gain, which generates radiation in a particular direction.

With the help of our technical experts, you can get the relevant information on using the appropriate antennae to improve Netgear router performance.

Use Compatible Device With Wireless Or Ethernet Wi-fi Connection 

Netgear wireless wifi and ethernet connection capacity has been improving and now it can transfer data faster. Devices with older hardware can not support these wifi types that slow your wi-fi speed. Using older ethernet cables will only serve your device a limited wi-fi speed.

Our team of professionals offers the Netgear customer support service. Here you will get aware of the appropriate device and ethernet cables that you should use to improve Netgear router speed.

Update Router’s Firmware

To utilize your Netgear router performance you should upgrade its firmware. Netgear keeps improving its router’s features, security, and overall performance. Using an outdated firmware of Netgear router affects its performance which causes low wi-fi speed. 

Our service of Netgear technical support will help you by providing detailed instructions for upgrading your Netgear router’s firmware.

Your Device Limits With a 2.4GHz Connection

It is possible that your device is connected with a 2.4 wireless band wireless connection, which makes your wi-fi speed slow. Some of the latest devices like printers and Bluetooth devices also use 2.4 bandwidth speed. Sometimes because of other reasons your device also uses 2.4 GHz of speed. 

With our Netgear customer support service, you can contact our experts who will help you to know the compatible devices for your latest wi-fi connection. We also provide troubleshooting that can let you fix the issue of the Netgear router performance.

Custom Configuration Affects Wi-fi Speed

Netgear router offers the option of the configuration of settings by which you can control the wi-fi speed or the Quality of service of the accessing device. Some of the routers have settings that let you restrict the bandwidth or the wi-fi speed to some particular devices. 

Our professional experts will help you through Netgear customer support by providing you with a detailed solution that can let you have a fast wi-fi speed.

Automate Reboot Router

Netgear’s latest updates lay the option of the automated reboot. Regularly rebooting your router can help in enhancing its performance. The latest option of automated reboot can reboot your router within a certain time.

To activate this setting on your router, you have to contact our Netgear customer support service to get steps that can help you to enable the automated reboot setting of the Netgear router.

Change Connection Name & Password

Using the default wi-fi network name and password is another that makes your wi-fi connection weaker so that any hackers can get access to it. You should make sure to keep a unique and strong password for it. 

Our services of experts can help you to set up the password and username that can keep your wi-fi access limited to yourself. 


Here, we have described some of the solutions that can improve Netgear Router Performance. There are various causes that create problems with your router’s wi-fi speed. Our router customer support number is +1-410-896-8780, it is available for solving every trouble that is caused by your router. You just have to ask our Netgear customer support experts who will lead you with correct solutions and guidelines that will improve Netgear router speed.

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