brother printer black smudges on paper

The Brother printer black smudges on paper are the issue that almost ruins your printed material. Brother’s printers come with in-built advanced features that improve your printing experience. Users are having the latest problems and these smudges on the paper issue is among them. This issue can be treated quickly and with some troubleshooting guidelines, you can get rid of this obstacle. 

We offer an external and reliable source of customer support for resolving every technical issue. Our experienced team of professionals is available and make sure to assist you in fixing all of your technical doubts.

Our Brother printer support service number is available at +1-410-896-8780. The live chat or email support is another way to contact our team of experts. We are a team of professionals who can guide you to the solution to these smudges on the paper issue. Every detailed and accurate step can only fix this printing problem that you can get from our experts. 

Why my Brother Printer has Black Smudges on my Paper?

Your Brother printer black smudges on paper problem happen because of various reasons. 

One of them is environmental changes which are in the winter or rainy seasons. A moisture surrounding generally spread the ink on the roller that starts printing your documents with smudges. The dust or any particles can also block the printer drum and platen and roller. An improper toner setup and many other internal malfunctions can start this issue. We have the solution for all of these problem-causing factors.

First, you have to find out the cause of this issue and take action according to it. Our Brother’s printer support is the fastest third-party service that can fix this most common obstacle in your printing. Get clear-cut solutions from our remote service for having uninterrupted and clear printed documents and material. We will also offer further problem solutions for your printer.

How to Fix Brother Printer Black Smudges on Paper?

If you want to treat this Brother printer leaving black smudges on paper problem, then simply follow the instructions. For getting straightforward solutions, we must prefer you to ask our brother printer customer service tech support team.

Step 1: Must check your printer’s value on the setting page is not blurred and does not have any dots or scratches on it. Our professional team of experts will suggest you the compatible guidelines to ensure these things to your printer. If you are still having the issue go after the next step. Further steps will definitely fix this Brother Printer Black Smudges on Paper trouble.

Step 2: You have to ensure that some of the dots are aligned with a certain gap of 1.5 inches to 3.7 inches. 

This setting information is accessible through the printer setup. You must take the assistance of an expert who can resolve this issue. Our technical team will deliver you the righteous steps to optimize these dots at the appropriate intervals. 

Step 3: Here you have to look over some of its internal parts that stop working cause of external reasons. It includes wiping out all of the dirt, label glue, stuck staple clips, or any other thing that creates an obstacle for your printer drum. 

You can fix this Brother Printer Black Smudges on Paper trouble, you need to clean your printer drum from all of these outside particles. Without damaging your printer drum you have to perform the cleaning activity. This can be possible with the help of our experts. You just need to ask our professionals who can assist you with every technical detail.

Fix Toner Buildup, Clean & Change the Printer Drum

After that make your printer free from toner build-up or holding problems. It is another cause that creates this Brother’s printer’s black smudges on paper issue. 

Get systematic sets of guidelines that can fix this issue of leaving black marks on paper on your Brother printer. With the following accurate steps, you can easily tackle this trouble. Our group of professionals is a reliable option that is available within your reach at an affordable amount. 

To manually clean or change the drum unit of your printer, look over some steps:

  • just continue the process of resolving the issue of Brother Printer Black Smudges on Paper. It starts by removing the front cover of the printer and removing the drum out of it. 
  • Put off the toner cartridge from the drum it is possible by pressing the green button on the drum. 
  • Take the drum machine out and look at the highest surface of the drum.
  • Check if there are not any particles or marks on it and continue this and go through the layers of the drum.
  • To get your brother printer leaving black smudges on paper problem free, you should put out the roller. Right after when you have cleaned your drum’s upper part with a swab and alcohol-based cleanser.
  • Wait until the drum gets dry after cleaning with the cleaning agent. Once again, recheck that every part of the drum is cleaned. Take our Brother printer customer support help to successfully fix your Brother Printer Black Smudges on Paper trouble.

After that, you have to just reassemble the printer drum and roller and both of them to the printer. Now, you need is just contact us our representatives can technically handle this process of cleaning your drum and roller.  


We have stated briefly the instructed guidelines with which you can clean your printer’s drum and roller. You have to go through the troubleshooting guidelines carefully and fix your printer’s black marks problem on paper. Our reliable and problem-solving assistance is the best third-party support service, which can help you in getting rid of this problem of brother printer leaving black smudges on paper.
Ask our brother printer customer service tech support number at +1-410-896-8780. Live chat and email are other mediums to reach us. Our quick expert response can fix Brother Printer Black Smudges on Paper problem.

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